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I got a realisation today,I found my Soulmate, at last, I have been heartbroken by unhealthy love stories and unrequited love before and most of the time it was my own doing even tho i knew it was evil for my soul, fantasizing on something that could have been, maybe it's because of all those movies watched or maybe it's because of what the society defines as true love, that you should be two to be a whole but tonight for the first time i see clearly.

I am my soulmate, I sat quietly and i went to the core of my heart and ask myself all the usual questions (when,where,who,how and etc.) and realized that i am here sitting, thinking how to find ways to be truly happy, love myself, love the only person who really knows me and understands me, believe in every flows of my blood , until i die. I am my soulmate, i am the cake , the flour, the eggs, the sugar, the butter and the cream and yes my lover can be the icing but it's just something more because even without the icing i am a cake. I am my soulmate.


I like it, just not sure how to respond...


I like it. Coming out of a abusive relationship of 15 years, if I learned one thing, I can not have a healthy relationship with myself, I can not find and I
Maintain a health relationship with some one else either.

So the poem... It means to me as that.


thx guys