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Heavenly Bliss? - JUST FOR FUN

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A couple dies in a car crash while going to church to be married.
They find themselves sitting in front of Heaven's gates, and while waiting for St. Peter they wonder if they could get married in Heaven.
Finally St. Peter arrives and they ask him the question. St. Peter replies "It's the first time anyone has asked me that! Wait here and I will find out." He then leaves them sitting there.
The couple waits for 2 months and start to ask themselves if it is really a good idea to get married in Heaven. After all, eternity lasts a long, long time. What happens if it doesn't work out? Will they really be stuck together for ever?
One month later, St. Peter finally returns, extremely tired, but proud of himself.
"Yes, you can get married in Heaven."
"Perfect", answers the couple, but....what happens if it doesn't work out? Can we get divorced in Heaven?"
St. Peter gets red-faced and throws his Great Book to the ground.
"What's the matter?" asks the frightened couple.
St. Peter shouts out "Dammit! It took me 3 months just to find a priest in Heaven. Do you have any idea how long it will take to find a lawyer?"


Thats a good one

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