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ok so...yesterday out of the blue as always...this guy named Greg hits me up out of the blue...(we dated a couple of days)...asking me how am i doing & stuff like that...and i ask him the same thing...he says he's ok with his puppy and that things in his new relationship aren't going very well...i ask why and well it seems that his bf talks to other guys behind his back...he's confronted him about it....but the bf makes excuses...i told him that his relationship was never gonna work if things continued to be like that...he then said that he wasn't expecting it to last...so then i asked him what is the point of being in a relationship that has no purpose???...he just replied that the bf lives with him and that he loves him...i told him that my thoughts of an ideal bf was to have a guy that only has eyes and feelings for me...it may sound selfish to those who don't really see a point in monogamy...but well anywho...also i couldn't love someone who doesn't love me back...because love is a 2-way street...there's no point in being a relationship where only one person is doing all the loving...also my 4th ex...when we were going out...he described that when he was with me...he felt really good about himself...and that it was the greatest feeling in the world...and told me that his ex was verbally abusive...and pretty much crushed his self-esteem and all that...well it was about a month that we were going out...and he dumps me...didn't really say why or anything...but well 1 friday i decided to go patch things up...so as i was walking to his house...i could not for the life of me shake off the idea that he was with his ex right now...sleeping...well call me psychic...cuz i was right...so i talked to him and everything and he just said he wasn't over him after all and what not...and he wanted to give his ex another shot...cuz he said he had "changed"...well in the end he didn't really "change" at all...and my ex found out that it was a little too late...while being with his ex he wasn't able to deny that he really wanted me more than him....to this day we remain friends...and well at the beginning of the year he confessed that he still has feelings for me...but that he's not looking to revive anything...which is a total lie...but there's a saying that my mom told me..."Nunca recojas lo que ya has tirado a la basura"...which translates "You never go picking up trash you've thrown away"...now i don't consider him trash...cuz he's my friend...but pretty much meaning whatever you've left behind...just leave it where it is and don't bother with it...and that's what i've done with all my ex...they got one chance and one chance only to screw up...cuz i don't play games...once it's over...it's over for good...but yea...some relationships are kind of weird...and as much as you want to understand that love can really blind people...i have to say that it doesn't...it's the people who are blind...filled with false hope and hanging on to something that's either no longer there...or to something that isn't meant to be...love is the most beautiful and most pure feeling we could feel...and it's not really fair to use love as a excuse to go against the inevitable...what are your thoughts about this topic???


As you all know,i am in a vary Spl, Relrtionship,what is working
I think that because we give our selves,Space,and that we can
and do TRUST each other 100%. with out any type of Jellicy`s
on aither side. This i why i think that it is working so well. ??

May,something like this could work on this your Topic,Jony, ????



that sounds great Tommy...and it's not so much jealousy involved with Greg...he's caught him with texts...i guess you could say his bf is kind of a flirt...i mean that's the way it sounds to me when he says his bf is talking to guys...i myself don't tolerate jealousy...cuz i mean at 1st it gets cute...but if you sort of encourage it...it just gets ugly...so whenever i sense any jealousy i tend to deal with so it doesn't happen again...


My,B/F, know`s i come on here,he know`s that i flirt,and have
a little bit of fun on here. But knows that this is all what it is,
fun. But comming back to this Topic,Jony, yes like you,
i don`t think that there is not much trust here at all ??,

But there is alot of insurcurity on baord,and this is why there is
so much,Jealousy,and tension.

And with all this going on,then there is no way a Relationship can
ever Survive, !!!!!!!!!.

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