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warning - Gay Guys! <3

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iam posting this up fo all to see its anouthe scam peson so if you see this name or e mail addie be cafulful hes the post i gotToday at 9:10 AM

hi, my name is Williams Ovie 26, I seek your cooperation while requesting for INVESTMENT Partnership. I have US$9.5M family Inheritance deposited in a financial firm here in Ghana set aside for Investment in your country. Please get back to me for full details if you can handle it. please do contact me via: williamsovie@zmail.com


Thank`s for the Warning Tach. Please report him,!!!.
and Block him,!!!!!. Tommy,xxxx


Thanks Tach for the warning, all noted xxxx


I echo the THANKS. I get those solicitations all the time in me regular email but always delete them. Just too bad some people fall for these scams.


@Dave, agree, I get them quite often, like you just delete them.


Mon., May 7th, 12, 19:40 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hi Group.,
You Think Ghana is Bad, Try Places Like Nigeria and Other Places in Africa and What Used to B Russia etc. 1st Hint its a Scam - Large Amounts of Money from 3rd World Countries, or Its Someone Asking for Money etc. I Get These All the Time on My Regular Email etc. What Takes the Cake - Those Emails from Guys Who Say They are Madly in Love With You and the Names Don't Match Pictures or Locations etc Gota Like Those Ones, or Their on Facebook with a Picture etc, etc. and It Doesn't Add Up.
Sorry to Say It, But Its Easy to Con Gay People or Seniors or Older Singles
Because a Lot Just Don't Realize Its All a Con Game to Get Money or Personal
Information for Fraud or What Ever
You Have to KEEP Your "Gaydar" on 24/7, NEVER Leave It Turn Off for Any Reasons as I See It.