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Femme, stud, stem? - Lesbian Ladies

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Most people will look at me and automatically think im straight. What things normally tip off your gaydar to those that don't show obvious signs?


It depends on the person. Certain walks, talks, a look (even if it lasts a split second)... there are so many ways to tell but it all depends on the person. I scream gay just by looking at me. You can tell my girl is gay because she will look at a nice ass just as fast as I will but when she wants to hide it she can. That probably doesn't help but its the best way I can explain it.


I like to wear the lesbian earrings. They announce to those who are looking my interest. It is discrete to those who don't need to know and for those who know it is right out there. But a lot of people in my small minded community know I am out.In fact, some have called me the resident lesbian.I may be alone and I get along with everybody, its just an accepted fact.Kind of funny in some ways.