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Before & After - Gay Guys! <3

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Hey guys!
I've uploaded a picture of me at 16 and 19.
It'd called Before & After.
I'd really appreciate it if you guys checked it out and told me what you think of the huge transformation that has happened to me over the 3 years.
Yes both people in the picture are me!


OMG, haven't you changed lol,


I took a look, and I don't *see* a big change. The normal change of an adolescent boy into a young man.
Now.. if *YOU* see a big change, then that change is probably within yourself.
Hopefully, at 19 vs 16, you are more comfortable with who, and what, you are. Hopefully you're more accepting of yourself, including your faults.
Hopefully you're better armed to handle the stresses of the world.
Hopefully you put less emphasis on how other people see you, and more on how you see yourself.
Hopefully you put more emphasis on what YOU think, and less on what others think.
Hopefully you realise that your own judgement on your thoughts, fears, and actions is what you need to live with everyday, and the judgements of others are irrelevant.
Hopefully you've become comfortable with marching to your own drumbeat instead of staying in-step with everyone else.
Hopefully you're more ready to face the world with the attitude of "This is me, and if you don't like that, feck right off!"
and hopefully you find more moments of joy and happiness, and fewer of doubt, fear, and pain!
The way you view yourself is much more important than how any of *US* see you!


Richard, what I wanted to say is that I think you have an incredibly expressive face - and hair!!! Looking at all the pictures I have seen of you overthe past 6 months I see your face portraying a whole range of different emotions - radiant joy, fierce anger, cheeky, chirpy, caring and friendly.

Your facial expressions work in parallel with your inner emotional honesty and outward honesty of expression. I think there's much more self assurance in the pictures we see of you at nineteen which is what I am sure you would hope and expect. How do you think you will look in another three years time ???


Physically you have filled out and of course your hair is different. But as others have said the biggest change is within. And that is the most important one...

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