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The stranger - Poetry Group

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She welcomes in the stranger
And never will  ignore
Who knocks on her heart's door

She let me in for just a while
I could see she had so many loves
So why me I wondered
What could I offer

As her looks disappeared 
I did not notice
I only saw her spirit
Others would come and go
Use her and abuse her

I watched from afar
Longing to be there for her
But it was not to be
For I am not free

I have no wings 
I only have my chains
So I can only adore her

Once she danced and was free
Now her life in tatters
She turns to me

I see the wonder in her eyes
I see the child that cries
The woman she has become
All this now as her life comes undone

Come into the sunshine once more
Don't hide in the shadows
Come laugh with me
And together we shall be free.


I love this

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