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In the still of the night. - Poetry Group

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In the still of the night
I lay awake 
I hear the clock ticking
The dog breathing
The house settling

Everything will be alright
In the morning's light
Gone is the past
The sun will shine bright

Once more angels takes flight
No matter how dark the night
There will always be morning light 

My mind wonders
Thinking of you
So far away
I always wanted you to stay
You had to go
To places I don't know

I wonder what you're doing now
Do you ever think of me
You on your stage being a star
Me being here alone and so far

Life is full of hellos and goodbyes
Loving and losing
But it's always worth the tries

Open hearts get torn apart
Loving eyes learn to cry
There is always an end to every start


In the still of the night , If you see a sparkling light .. that's her by your side ..