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Fires dance in her eyes
As the wolves in the distance cries
Now she has all the wisdom of the wise

Her past now returns
The truth she no longer can deny
She needs to be free
To be wild she yearns

The child is now gone
But she still carries her pain
Deep in her pocket 
There is a hole
She can no longer hold on to her own dreams

Now when she lays down her head
She walks the night
In your dreams instead

Your hearts fire she will ignite
She'll burn through your soul
As she  takes control
All though the night

You can not hide from her
She is in your mind
Once your dreams were so clear
You knew what they were 
But now they are just a blur
If you look hard she isn't hard to find

As in your dreams she walks
Her native tongue she talks

As the flames burn higher
You feel your heart on fire
Your lust breaks free

But she laughs at you 
She runs away
Into the night
And like an eagle she takes flight

She leaves you feeling like something is missing
As you dream of her and her kissing
Will she come again into my dreams
Only she knows it seems

For your dreams are no longer your own
Surely as the seas rise and fall
And the wind has blown 
Love is gone from your heart now
As you slowly turn to stone 

Where did she go
Others say she's slipped away
Madness took control
But she sees things others don't
And she knows what others won't 

In the night she'll visit you
So be sure to make her welcome
In the wind her long hair blows
Wisdom of the past she knows 

If you're blessed she'll smile your way 
She'll walk your dreams
Till the break of day

Sleep well 
And wait for her
Who knows she may come to you
Stranger things have happened
But you'll never tell


I quite like this , a little ghostly - mysterious .. *LIKES* )) xx

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