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To love....for myself - Poetry Group

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So I don't like to show my poetry, but I would really like some feedback. I would like to be a better writer and would love to here the good and bad of everyone's opinions.

Why do I live in between these lines?
When I live my life always in disguise?
I can choose to walk your same path,
But I know I’ll always end up being last.
It’s not a race I’m fighting to win.
It’s just your love, I’m trying to gain
So I will walk a path that suits me best;
To become better and stronger than the rest.

Failing to be what I want to be there’s nothing left to do but be myself.
Walking with the intent of happiness my path no longer seems dark.
How crude life is to make me realize this when I lost the one thing that reminded me of the good inside of myself.
I will stop taking advantage of that kindness and live in remembrance of that love.
I know what I must do and hopefully I can gain the strength to love like I have been loved.


Vary good,Gicza. xxxxx


Thank you Tommy


This is lovely just write with your heart.


I like the indipendince you are expressing.


i like this.