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The end of another day - Poetry Group

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Here I sit alone in the dark once more as I have so many times before. 
How many times do I wipe away your tears 
I kiss you & hold you tight 
chase away all your fears 
Do you ever think of me 
lonely & sad wanting & needing you 
I might just need a little love too 
I bite my lip once more as I always do 
close my eyes tight 
quietly I scream into the night 
tears run down my face 
the sweet taste of sadness on my lips 
how can I give love so freely 
& get nothing in return 
your eyes look away 
staring into the distance 
Once I knew you 
before you slipped away 
how can you be here but not be with me 
many times I felt you push me away 
bruises don't hurt as much as bites 
over & over I have to fight for your rights 
there always is someone more deserving so it seems 
so make the best of it & live for your dreams. 
But when those dreams will not come true 
nothing but crying is what I do. 
Never show your weakness 
be strong no matter what 
smile & laugh hide the pain away 
tomorrow the sun will shine 
it will be a new day. 


Vary,vary,moving,Carol, xxx

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