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Innocent eyes
Look out into the world
She smiles at the blue skies
She walks on green grass
But others laughed at her
When she was in class

A young girl full of hopes and dreams
Her daddy left before she was born
Forgiveness is her friend so it seems
Love has come and gone and left her heart torn

But Ella doesn't know sadness
She believes in friends and love
She knows angels protect her
As they watch from above

This one is for the very sweet and lovely Ella Li


Well that name sounds familiar its nice to read something about ella... this ones nice!


I really not know how to put in words now. Carol , thank you so much. I have typed a pretty long reply , I clear It again n again .. I really can't say .. The warm - touching feelings , formed a crystal clear of tears in my eyes ..

PS : I really do believe everyone has an angel living in them. I have no idea how you wrote that *She knows angels protect her as they watch from above* .. I really do believe angels.

Carol , once again .. Thank you. Thank you so much Carol ..

Ella xx