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About this great group! :) - Lesbian Ladies

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Hey ladies

As you know we will soon have the new video chat system! Our aim is to have different rooms within the chat so you can all find each other and talk in REAL time!

As this group is the BIGGEST lesbian group, I've decided to change the very restrictive age limit and have renamed this group, quite simply, Lesbians.

Here's some statistics about this fabulous group.

Started 9th December 2009
3,842 members
1,250 discussions
a whopping 10,521 comments

Mama mia!!! :0)

Now...who wants to take over as Group Owner...please inbox me if you're interested.
Have a fab day.



hehehe, I see there are many in here that weren't in the age group, including me! :0)


I'm 22 too


The group / updated chat sounds great too me if age is not an issue, mind me asking why saying our age anyway? If needed too know / share then I'm 23 anyway


Okay, fair play Thanks for explaining


You are making me feel old Kate (42 going on 30, LOL!)

No way Tara is 22... really? Wow!

And is this group for L, G, B, or T? I don't want to run afoul! It says in the description "Lesbian women only", so just checking

PS... 19-25 is kind of an odd age range. Usually it is 18-whatever. Just an observation... part of a different country's age of consent possibly? 19 instead of 18?

This must be question Friday, I am in a curious mood!


Great, so I do look at least my age... :/

As for the age range, it might well have been 18-25, I didn't pay attention as all I cared about is that I was in it... even if I don't look it.

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