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Baby don't cry. - Poetry Group

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Baby don't cry 
I feel your pain 
tears falling down 
like never ending rain 
I'll cry with you 
I'll hold you tight 
all through the day 
& into the night 
I'm here for you 
and you know I am 
that's all I can do 
just be with you 
your heart is broken 
through no fault of your own 
you loved too deep 
and now you're alone 
you have a heart of gold 
love will come your way another day 
don't let this make you turn cold 
you were willing to love and trust 
but you were let down 
and move on you must 
time will heal your heart 
I know it's hard right now 
as you feel torn apart 
so let the tears fall 
and wash away the pain 
the sun will come out again 
you just have to get through the rain 


Waw - Loss of words =/


Vary good,Carol, xxx