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You say you're broken beyond repair
You no longer have your long blonde shiny hair
I hear your sorrow, I feel your pain
Where there was sunshine
Now there is only rain

Deep down inside I think we are all the same
Sometimes we all come undone
We all have to play life's game
Try not to judge someone
And never shame
Light their flame

I believe that people are good
They just want hope and respect
And to be understood

Sometimes life is hard and
Sometimes it's strange
We all have our own fight
But the truth is people can change
We live to learn
So through our pain we burn

Don't ever stop believing
Don't ever stop trying
Don't ever give up


Lovely poem carol loved this! Keep it coming!


I read n like It , I love the last 3 paragraphs )) xx


Yes,i must admit,Carol,all
your Work,is all vary good
and i enjoy Reading it all
Vary much. xxx


I like the message of the poem. Awesome

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