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If only I could - Poetry Group

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If I only had the words to show you how much I love & care for you 
I would sing you a morning filled with sunshine & happiness. 
I would make this day last for all time 
I would be with you holding your hand in mine. 
I would look deep into your eyes & kiss your soft lips. 
You would close your eyes & feel the warmth of love through your body 
healing you making you new. 
When you feel the sun's warmth it is me loving you & keeping you safe. 
When you feel the breath of wind on your skin it's my lips kissing your body. 
When tears run down your face they are mine too because I feel your pain. 
So give me a little smile because I am here for you always my love. 


Vary,vary,Sensertive,and nice,
to read. Well Done. xx


Carol It's a nice work ) xx *LIKES*


aww thank you for your lovely comments.


Wow... this is awesome!

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