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Gaydar - Lesbian Ladies

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my gaydar is highly inaccurate. I find find being gay and having a functional gaydar really helps a girl out
Yesterday i was in a cafe and once again i have managed to embarrassed myself! I could have sworn i was getting all the right signals and when i acted upon them was yet again made to be an idiot :S part of me thinks hey i cant expect a girl to just appear i have to look an hopefully i'll find the one! but in the mean god damn it if you think im gonna keep bein laughed at coz one day im gonna write a book or some shit like that an then i'll laugh a you!!! Ha! ahhh i feel better for sharing! lol
anyone else gotta a story or just wanna share? i wanna hear from you xxx


I fully understand you. My gaydar is crap too. I cant tell sometimes if a girl is being friendly or is actually hiting on me. But I never act on it just incase its a fail. lol


i tend to act if i really believe im getting the signals but i agree it is hard to act on it and put yourself in that situation and feel confortable.


I think that you could tell a lot from their body language and their idea of 'hanging out' with you. But I don't think that I mind asking a girl if she is straight or not if she is cool, might as well know right? But yeah, could turn out messy, hehe !


my gaydar gets bias sometimes, like if I'm attracted to a girl i see on the street. I'll just hope she's gay, so my gaydar is a little inconsistent.


I have a smashing gaydar hahah.
maybe its best to follow your instincts but only a little? like, if your out and you think she likes you ask if if she knows any good places to drink have a chat offer to buy her a drink and you'll normally get an answer there without being too embarrasing! x