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Fri., April 20th. 12, 22:30 Hrs. M.D.T.

Hi Group,

I'm Looking to Acquire a Digital Camera with a Short Telephoto Lens etc.
I Got a "Brinks Truck Loan" and the Guys Advised Me to "Spend Wisely" so
I'd Like to Get Some Opinions on Who Has What and How Good They Are
B 4 I Get One.
All Opinions Greatly Appreciated.
Camera Use - My Hobbies and Also For Architectural Uses etc.


Have you tried E,Bay,yet, Andrew. ???


Sun., May 6th,19:35 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hi Group,
Ebay? I've Never Bought Stuff on EBay. Would I? NOT Really I'm Some what Suspicious of Prices and the Quality of Goods Sold on EBay. Just My Views Based on the Horror Stories I've Heard From Others etc.


I like Best Buy, Geeks,com, Amazon...

You want to make sure that you can get a warranty on your purchase. Look for a good name brand that has a good background standing. You may also look into some of the video cameras that can also take still shots.

Do you have an electronics store near you with knowledgeable staff so that you can touch and play with floor models to see what sizes feel good in your hands and ask tons and tons of questions?

After you pick from a store you can either buy it there or go online and look for a great deal.


Andrew, if the architectural and hobbies demand very good quality pictures, then I would suggest a DSLR. My choices would be Nikon D3100 or Canon 1100D ideally with a second lens covering the 75-300 range. If this is stretching the budget, a hybrid camera with a fixed lens would be second choice, Nikon or Fuji for this, and lastly compact with Nikon being my favourite here

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