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Piercings? Yes or no? - Gay Guys! <3

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This question made a very good discussion in my class today, during College, I mentioned my boyfriend and how he managed to hurt himself on his eyebrow piercings and the next thing I know we're chatting about piercings and how they make them feel.
Personally I think piercings do make a guy look a lot hotter, considering it's the right place, my current boyfriend, Ben, has 5 piercings all on his face, he has 1 on the left side of his bottom lip, he has two next to each other on the left side of his bottom lip and he also has two next to each other on right hand side of his eyebrow.
I love them, I really do think they suit him and increases his hotness a lot :P but it's not all about looks, he has a sizzling personality aswell lol.

So guys, what's your thoughts on piercings?
Yes? No? Hot? Not? Do tell!


me personnally i dont like,dont like the taste of metal in my mouth and i think they are unhygenic,not to mention dangerous


Well, you can't taste the metal tbh, I once had Snake Bites and they didn't have a taste to them at all, they're only unhygienic if they are not cleaned properly or if the person has poor hygiene practice, also they are far from dangerous, that's why you must have it done by a trained and licensed piercer.


I, personally don't care




Just the thought of a vary sharp needle type
shaft of the Piercing Stud,going right through
my Living Flesh,Turn`s me off compleatly
for my self,But i do admit that put in the right
place on other peaple,do make them Look cute.


ears r ok but i cant see the point of anywhere else,seen wat can happen with my
daughters and their friends and its not pretty sometimes.If they need them to look better then something must be missin


I can understand ears, even eyebrows.. but lips? tongue? nose? nipples? penis? I'll never be able to understand those. I always hate it when I meet a guy who's hot, to find out he's got a PA or something like that... such a turn off when someone mutilates the most beautiful part of his body.


Yes,i agree with you on that one Todd.


Awwww, just think of all that PAIN, ???????.


I don't think boys NEED it to look better, I mean my boyfriend looks good with or without piercings, I just think that piercings are... Well... A turn on for me XD feel free to call me strange cause I myself see that as a strange turn on :P
But I love him and his 5 piercings ^_^
I will admit to a Prince Albert (Penis piercing) as a major turn OFF, that one makes me cringe!


Richard u are far from strange my friend...each to their own...thats wat makes the world interesting...we r all different..good luck to u and ur bf and his 5 piercings


Gary you're awesome ! hahahahaha

I like piercings and tattoo, it's very sexy, in certain cases.
I never had sex with someone had piercing in that place, I would like to do, to feel how it is.
Relative to hygiene, if the person has all special care, no problem.

They say that anyone who puts piercing in the penis, the glans is more sensitive.

But to much piercing, it's not beautifull to me, I don't like.
We must have a sense of aesthetics.

One or even two piercings, is charming, more than thisl you need to build a personality for it, and take time to care. Rather give problems, and will not be beautiful aesthetically.


I love peircings, and personally do them myself. I've looked for an apprenticship but am still very professional in my practice. As has been said already, hygene is a matter of the individual in question. If they already smell, they probably wont keep their jewelry clean and then yes, it is unhygenic. I however, obssess about the cleanliness of my peircings. I agree that they are hot as hell. I've had everything from my bridge to my more personal areas peirced, many of which I did myself. It is a new-age look, that when done right, certainly compliments our features. I must say though, on the subject of peircings, that they can become an addiction. Whether it's for the pain (as many self mutilators can relate) or for the rush of endorphins or just because (like myself) you love jewelry. It's easy to go overboard. I have myself, and had to wait years for them to heal right that way I can put them in and take them out without them closing. I SAY YES. THEY ARE HOT.


When I was younger, I wanted to have a piercing in my eyebrow, but I couldnt do it because of my parents would kill me. Now Im just not into it, I think it was only a phase of my life or a way to say that I was different.
But I must admit that in some guys the piercings/tattoos look really hot in them.
And of course, as Richard said here, one or two are ok, but more than that I think I have to pass.

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