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Two questions for you all... let's see who gets it right.

1. Is there one way of telling whether someone has HIV or not?
2. Can lesbians transmit HIV to another female sexual partner?

Don't worry if you're not sure we just wanna hear your opinions and what you think. The organisation, AVERT (http://gays.com/profile/882536373116830), will be popping in to give their expert advice.


No and yes...


kind of depressing but that would be my guess as well


So, how do you think you can tell is someone is HIV positive?


You can't??


first question is you can not tell who is hiv positive or not. the second question is yes you can, but it is more unlikely that you will


As a lesbian (woooooohooooooo!) who came out in later life...and consequently had my first sexual experience in later life...I was amazed to find out that many many many lesbians do not have protective sex.

Do you think it's because women, as Homer said " it is more unlikely that you will" transmit HIV to a female partener?

Would love to hear from you lezzers about this!


I agree Tara that it may be partly due to the reduced risk of cross infection however, I think there are other aspects in play here. Without wishing to be rude to anyone, there was a time when the gay male population (or some part of it to be more correct) indulged in many partner promiscuity which I never saw from the lesbian community


Hmmm, I kinda gotta say I don't see the difference between men and women. I know of many lesbians will hump anything if they're horny...including men! Never heard of gay men having sex with a woman, just cos they were feeling a little sexually inhibited.

I don't think, as you seem to suggest, that women are less likely to use protection because they don't "put it about".

So would have to disagree with you but...appreciate you giving your point of view


Thanks and I guess you taught me a few things, so as you say, all comments are helpful


Yes i must admit,on whare it comes to the Lesbian side of
life, i am on a bit of a Learning curve,but the one thing.
what i would like too say,is that i am Learning.
I want to thank you Tara,and all the other`s,for
giving me a bit of a insight,so i can continue my
Learning curve. ( Thank You ). xxxxxxxx


@Tommy...would you believe, me too! hehehe (re learning curve when it comes tot he lesbian side of life!)

Well everyone, check this out taken from: http://www.avert.org/lesbians-safe-sex.htm:

"* Some lesbians have unsafe sex with men - one British study found that 85 percent of women who have sex with women reported also having sex with men.1 2
* Some lesbians inject drugs and share needles - research into injecting drug users has shown higher HIV prevalence among women who have sex with women, compared to heterosexual injecting drug users.3
* Some lesbians wanting to get pregnant face decisions about sperm donors - legitimate sperm banks screen donor's semen for HIV and other STDs. However, many lesbians chose to use the sperm of someone they know, rather than using a sperm bank.
* Some lesbian sexual practices are risky

It is argued that the widespread assumption that lesbians are a low-risk population increases some lesbians risk of HIV infection as they believe HIV is not something that they need to be concerned about." AVERT.org

I know of at least TWO lesbians who say they are "hard core" (whatever that means!!!) lesbians who have had sex with men...unprotected....


Hi foiks, it sounds like Tara has shared some insight on the second question. In terms of the first question 'is there one way of telling if someone has HIV?' the answer is largely no. They symptoms of HIV are very similar to those of other illnesses. As HIV attacks the immune system the impact it has on the body is displayed through symptoms of opportunistic infections that the body is not strong enough to fight off. It is important to note though that in most European countries there is very good access to life-saving antiretroviral (ARV) treatment. If treatment is taken correctly with a balanced diet people living with HIV can live long full lives and it is impossible to tell they are living with HIV. Have a look at these pages on symptoms and opportunistic infections if you are interested in finding out more: www.avert.org/hiv-symptoms.htm; www.avert.org/hiv-opportunistic-infections.htm


1. No way to tell. Some of my friends who are still alive with HIV, I would not have known, if he did not tell me. ... Many HIV positive (I suspect for variouse reason) will not tell others at all. Testing is the only sure way.

2. There has been confirmed case of female to female infection according to US CDC. Including sharing of sex toy with infected person, and lips to lips contact ....

Hu.... There is no fun left in this life....?

Testing is the only long term community defense! If you get infected, take measures to protect others. Btw, mortality rate on HIV is around 0.7%/y. It is not the end of life...... But very very inconvenient and expensive...


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