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well one of the things i like to do is write poetry...although it has been a long and i mean long while since i've written anything...i still haven't felt any inspiration come my way...so i guess i'll start this off with my very 1st poem...this poem i wrote when i was reflecting on the journeys i've been in...and the struggles my heart and i went through...i hope you guys like it...i polished it a little...so it should sound better...

To and From my Beating Heart

Alone in this room where there is no light,
I cannot escape though I can't say I'll try,
without your strength it is useless to fight,
but I can't figure out a reason why.

You seem to think that I am weak,
that is why you've left me in this place,
yet I'm the one you can't defeat,
I'm the one you can't replace.

I can't hold on I'm beginning to slip,
why can't I go on and leave you behind?
Please just release me from your grip,
there is nothing here for me to find.

You try to leave me in an attempt to forget,
but you can't and you won't so long as I live,
there is still hope don't give up on me just yet,
take my everlasting love and learn to forgive.

Why do you give when I'm unworthy to receive?
it's quite obvious to say that I don't deserve you,
because I'm the only one I was able to deceive,
please just tell me now what I need to do.

Accept these emotions, learn how to feel,
tap into my strength, let your spirit soar,
once I'm inside your wounds will heal,
I'll be here forever to help you once more.

You fought to stay where you belong,
now I have found my missing part,
you were always with me all along,
for I can never live without my heart.


It reads well, Jony. It draws me in and I'm re-reading it over and over to think about the thoughts that might lie behind the words when you wrote it.


well this is pretty much a conversation between me and my heart...reached a lot of low points in my life...let the bad emotions cloud me...and i thought being emotional and having these feeling were more of a burden than strength...pretty much wanted to shut myself off from my heart...thinking not feeling anything would be the best thing i should do...but when you have a heart...it's impossible to simply toss it aside...it takes hold of you...because it is the one thing that keeps you living...and you shouldn't have it any other way...


Jony that is a nice poem from your heart....


i've polished this one too..funny how a few words can affect the strength of the poem....hope you like this one...

The Struggle of My Life

I've remained chained for far too long,
years of loss, pain, and humiliation,
the heavy of burdens of the strong,
how can I achieve my total liberation?

The rage reaches my heart and mind,
it is a deadly toxin hard to get rid of,
the rage consumes me, making me blind,
inflicting the same pain onto those I love.

As if that alone was not enough,
misery now seeks to take my soul,
resisting both is more than tough,
I’ve buried myself in the deepest hole.

There must be something I can do,
I can’t allow them to win me over,
how can I break away from the two?
Sometimes I think I’ll never be free.

Just before I’m torn completely apart,
sadness pours, making its way inside,
washing away the pain in my heart,
cleansing my dark soul as I cried.

A new sensation I never knew,
has given me a new chance to live,
there is only one thing left to do,
find the ones I must forgive.


Very Very nice
makes me want to reread it over and over...


thanks mike...it is better than my 1st draft...and i have to constantly read them to make sure they all flow...this one really improved...


the poems are awesome, you should put them on gaypoetry.com


I felt,that every word
was wrote with Great
thought and Feeling.

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