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Hi group
I was just ask if I could post a message from Wayne Parker..He will be going in for surgery on June 5..I can't discuss what kind of operation he is having but like we all know surgery is not fun no matter what kind ther are...

He is in alot of pain right now and is hard for him everyday to do things..So I ask that we all pray that his days before the surgery will not get him down and that God guides the hands of the doctor's as they do the work for him..

I will keep you all posted when he contacts me..

Let us pray
Dear heavenly father we come together to ask for relief of the pain that Wayne is in right now and ask father that you watch over him in these days and the ones that come...Father God we ask that you watch over the doctors as they do there work in helping him get through this surgery and the days after..We know it will be a long recovery and we ask that you touch him with your healing hands during that time..
In your name


Yes I have prayed for Wayne and hope he will be better soon. My dear sister died suddenly a week ago. She was only 56 and never drank or smoked and done much work for the upkeep of her local church. Lord we know not the time or the hour let us try to be ready always for ur call. During each day lord if I should forget you please do not forget me. Amen Eddie


I am sorry to hear about your lost...God will be with you and the family in this time of your need....