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Rummikub - Gay Guys! <3

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Hi. I am living here in Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa. I am Afrikaans-speaking. I like playing the game of Rummikub. Is there anyone in my area also interested in playing Rummikub? I am interested to start a small social group of people interested in playing Rummikub without the motive in gambling. Those who are interested can let me know. Thank you very much. Please take care.


Hi Riaan, I would like to welcome you to the site and the group..I see that you have join two good site's and already know how to start a discussion....so I will try and help you with your question...On the top of your profile page you will see a browse button you can click on it and check your local area to see who is on the site from there...I just check before I started this comment and found a few guys from your town and around your area...Good Luck in finding someone to play Rummikub in your area and have fun talking with guys around the world here on the site...Don't forget to check out all of the groups we have..

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Never played, but my sister went for a vacation to Pretoria when she was 22, got married and moved to Canada with her family in 1988. Never been to SA, but understand it`s a beautiful country. My nephew was only 14 when they moved here, very handsome young man, and now living with his wife in Arizona.

PS Their family always went to the Cape for their 6 week vacation.


I played Rummicube with my church game group here at my house last Friday night. I used to lead a gay men's group and we often played the game. Back in the 50s I had a very good friend from South Africa, but we moved in opposite directions and have lost touch. But from him I learned of the beauty of South Africa. I've been to Europe and Asia, but SA is still on my bucket list. Gene


Would be nice to visit South Africa. Are they many gay men in SA? I just live in a small town now, but spent most of my career working in Toronto.