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In A Thousand Faces - Poetry Group

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I see you in a thousand faces
I hear your voice in the rain.
You used to bring me to life
As we rolled in the deep of love.

You used to set fire to my heart
While I screamed out your name.
I find myself wishing you were here
As I sit in the dark alone, cryin' in vain.

What's left is how the story went
I'm hiding in my heart the pain.
It was in the darkest days of my soul
When you took it all away without warning.

Now, I wake up to look for your face
But like everything I've known your gone.
I guess I'll spend my lonely days alone
And wake up without you beside me.

Baby, I used to feel light hearted
But I'm going back to where I used to be.
Now I wish you were here beside me
And calling my name, calling my name.

Now I lay down when the day is finished
And wake up to an empty spot on the bed.
I guess I'll spend my whole life cryin'
And wish it had turned out differently.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Just read you poem and liked it. I wouldnt waste tears on the past. Id conentrate on the smiles you will experience in the future

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