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I was told over the weekend that my neighbors,who have been nice up until now,have fully explained about me to their children.The children are embarrassed by the fact I am transgendered and don't want to see me in public.The neighbors actully asked me to been seen as little as possible.The worst part is that I live in Missouri,so there is nothing I can do about it because L.G.B.T. people are not protected by law against discrimination.The neighbors even went as far as to exclude my 8 year old from an easter egg hunt.I'm so depressed right now.Can't find work because of who I am,can be arrested for impersonating a woman and being a public nusance if someone complains about me,people treating my kids badly because of me.I am happier since admitting who I am,but there's always someone who just lives to make others miserable.I live in a small town,which for the most part is ok.Not much to do here.My counselor told me the only way for my situation to get better is to move to Springfiel,Mo which 1 1/2 hours away.Plus not having a job,I don't have the money to move.So,I'm kinda stuck.God loves me and things will get better,but it's all still depressing.


What a horrible situation to be in! Where does your counsellor live? Can't he / she help in any way? Do you have friends in parts of the US where there is no discrimination? How about contacting MCC churches in various parts of the US to see whether they could help you? All the best, Bill.


A few things spring to mind, but most important is, I think, what you can do yourself to improve your situation.
Organising support is very important. Maybe you can try to find people on this site (in this group or in others) who live in the same area and who can help you.

When you write that most of your small town is ok, try to communicate with them about what your neighbours are doing to your children. Maybe it is possible to involve your children's school?

There are ways to make money on the internet. Be very careful about that because there is a lot of scamming and other crime too, nut it is possible to earn something too.

Of course there is the political side of it. surely there are organisations or even political parties who want to improve Misouri statelaw for the LGBT community? You could start with organising a petion on sites like Allout, or even ask someone here to help you do that.

Best of luck.


Avaleene, I want you to know that I support you in all ways. I think you are very strong and will continue to be so with help from people on this site. I wish you all the hope and strength that can be achieved. You may message me at any time.


I was having internet issues last night, so was unable to respond from the laptop.

Avaleene, I think that you should contact the ACLU and explain your situation. They will be able to tell you if you have any legal footing. Also, please continue to build your support system on here. I am also available anytime that you need me.


Thank you so much for all your words of encouragement.ACLU has already told me that there isn't much they can do in Missouri legally.Only a coulpe of the bigger cities have anti-discrimination laws and none for the whole state.I try to stay upbeat,but it is so hard when so many people are two faced.Looking at moving to Springfield,Mo but gonna get up the money first .I'm working on it though.That and going back to school.So many good things are happening,and the good Lord loves me.Thanks again everyone for being there!


That is outrageous. Am so sorry to hear such a thing. Well, I do hope things work out for you hun. On behalf of the Emerald Isle(Americans love calling Ireland that), May I wish you the best of luck in ur future. I know how u feel, its not easy. Ill be thinking of you, while you undergo this treatment, may i say horrible. My god the State is so backward. I shall be moving to NY within the year, so if i could be of any help(obv the distance would be an issue), but something can be worked out as they say.