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When She Looks in the Mirror - Poetry Group

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She looks in the mirror

And all she sees is that

She is too kind and not very smart.

Her hair is a wild mess.

Her eyes are always filled with tears

Yet, no one even notices.

Her nose is too big and

Her smile is crooked.

Her heart is broken

In a trillion pieces,

But she doesn't show it.

She is much too thin,

Too small,

And has a lanky built.

She wishes she could see what others see,

Not the imperfections,

When she looks in the mirror.



I wrote this poem a while ago. I'm very proud of it.


It's amazing but I really hope it wasn't about you because you are adorable.


It not only reflects what the writer sees in her subject be it herself or a friend but speaks to all of us. What we see in reflection is not as others see. Brave words Rachel. Well done


Thank you


Well Done,Rachel. xx


Yay me!


Rachel, I find that women and men with outward imperfections are the ones with truly the least imperfections because they're truly the beautiful ones.. It's the people who go through lengths to cover themselves up in makeup or tan themselves orange that have all the imperfections because they can't see that they're beautiful without all of that. Everyone is beautiful in their own way


I must admit Brittny,you are not Wrong
in what you have said.
Who want`s to be Boring then ?????.
( I know that i don`t !!!! ). lol xx

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