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The Darkness Within - Gay Guys! <3

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ok...so everyone has their flaws...of course we're human so it's natural...but well that doesn't mean we have to like it and that there's nothing we can do about it...so i'm sure i've mentioned that whenever i'm drunk...there's a 50-50 chance that i'll make out with whoever i'm dancing with at the club...(so long as he looks decent...funny how i can still rate guys when i'm drunk)...anywho...it seems i have i'm always feeling an attraction for guys who are already taken...of course i try to keep myself in check...so i tend not to drink too much because i'll end up doing something stupid that i'll regret later on...but well i even hate feeling attracted to them...cuz it's not right...they're already with somebody...for example my friend Andre...i've explained to most of you how we had feelings for each other before but never acted on them...all of a sudden we're drunk and at the club and we're making out...another thing is that i love to flirt and tease...it's like once i get even the slightest hint that you like me...depending if you're cute or not...i'll mess with your head...but at the end of the night you're not gonna get anything from me...now i've recently met my cousin's bf...he's cute...and taken...at my cousin's b-day party we were ok...then his friend karla invited me to go with her to his house to kick back and drink...at some point karla was like hey danny are you gonna do a strip tease???...he was like only if i get super drunk...i'm like well let's make sure you don't get drunk and you're clothes stay on...(i've had that kind of bad luck with drinking before...pretty much the one thing i regret...really stupid)...anywho i was also making sure that i wasn't drunk...cuz of my bad habit of flirting with guys...you can call it lust or whatever...but i just get the bad luck that some guys are taken...and i'm not a fan of cheating...(how ironic)...but well what can i say???...i'm actually proud to say that i'm making sure i'm still in control of myself now...cuz i don't want to do anything stupid...there are plenty of guys still out there that are not taken...and the last thing i wanna do is betray my family...no man is worth that...i feel better now getting that off my chest...and reading what i've written i think it's safe to say i'm starting to get over it...i guess i just needed to vent it out...


always feels better to get things off ur chest Jony

Got me thinkin though-if i were to get u drunk and in the shower
would u sing while we had sex lol


Gary dont make him to drunk, just slightly comatose, he would not want to miss the fun, as for singing, i think both of you would be busy with other things, mabey later you would sing, lol


^Well, charming...

I really don't think you need to beat yourself up about liking guys that are taken so long as it stays as liking - you're a human being, and you can't just switch it off. Life would be a hell of a lot easier - particularly for gay/bi guys - if we could.

As for your worries about flirting with them/doing something stupid while drunk, you're doing pretty much everything you can. You're trying to stay in control of yourself and you're trying to be aware of your limits - you don't seem to realise just how considerate that actually is. There's plenty of people who don't really feel responsible for what they get up to when they're drunk or what effect it has on the people around them and so just do it anyway. It does sound like it's hard for you, but you actually realise it and you're doing everything you can about it - you've no reason to beat yourself up at all.


Hell, Jony, I worked in Gay clubs most of my life and that sounds pretty normal to me. You know what you're doing and because you can write it out just like you did here kind of proves it. Don't be too hard on yourself. Just remember you contol it or it controls you. See Ya!


yea i can be pretty hard on myself...but well i guess you're right...at least i'm realizing it and doing something about like not going over the limit so i don't do anything stupid...it only took me 3 times to learn that lesson...getting drunk is fun so long as you're not doing anything inappropriate...i just gotta keep up the good work...thanks guys...oh and Gary...lol...you're silly...but i'll take those singing lessons...