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Graduation Day - Gay Guys! <3

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well my sis graduated from boot camp today...so now she'll be starting her job training with the army...so only a few weeks more to go and she'll be back home with us...or so i hope...my cousin got so many surprises when he went to the marines...that now we're also expecting for the army to pull some stunts and tell my sister...hey you're not going home yet or something like that...but well let's see what happens...


I hope she doesn't end up in a war zone!


we all hope that about the boys & girls in the armed forces tim, but its worse if your doing peacekeeping duties, they get to target you, and your not supposed to shoot back.
Hope she enjoys grad day thats special, and good for her.


Congratulations to ur sister Jony,hope she enjoys her time in the forces as much as i did mine both good and bad times


I am glad that your Sister is doing so well.

As you was saying Jony,your Sister will
be coming home soon,and then you &
your Mom,& your Family,can then give
her the Bigest WELCOME home,that
she has ever seen, lol


i sure hope that she is happy and she does not have to go to war


yea well i hope they don't send her anywhere either...but we'll see what happens...


Let`s hope that they don`t,
or other wise, there will
be some more Worries
for you all.
So let`s all hope and pray
that they don`t send her
of to a war zone some
whare,then that will stop
a lot of worrying for every one.


the problem is guys and all , the politicians make the mess, and the armed services have to go and sort it.
Its just something that happens, we want all our people home and safe, all of them, there has been enough dead already, we see it over here, repatriation they call it, i would sooner see them all alive, even if the were anti-gay, there still our people.


Happy to hear that she is done with boot camp


well she called yesterday and my brother picked up...she was upset...and started sort of scolding my brother...why didn't he save any money to go see her???...and who's using her car at home???...stuff like that...my brother just started working at McDonalds in January a little bit before my sis left for boot camp. They've been giving him a few hours here and there and it's not as if working at McDonalds make you rich...besides he's saving up money to help my mom out with her citizenship process...and well sometime before talking with my brother my sis had told my mom that she understood that no one from the family could make it...now her bf made the mistake of saying it was too far...my sis thought since her bf has been out of work for a while and just back on this construction job that he wouldn't be able to make it...but he said no that's not it...it's just too far...so of course my sis was upset...again this happened before she talked to my brother...but well we tried to figure out something...but the cost was too much...i checked out airline tickets and they were $600 for a roundtrip to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri...and checked out the motels...there were none that were close by to my sis...my dad would have to have taken a cab to the camp and back to the motel, and from the motel back to the airport...and we just didn't have the moeny...as i said we're concentrating on my mom's citizenship process...and we're pretty much using up all our money...my sister is just really homesick...and it's hard...but well she should've had an idea before she joined...i mean it's not the 1st time she's been away from home...she had stayed with an aunt while she lived in Idaho...and well if that was hard on her...then of course being away and dealing with boot camp was gonna be much harder...all we can do is pray that she has the strength to deal with the next few weeks...cuz as i said we're almost there...just a few more weeks to go...she should be back either in June or July...