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Code Lyoko - Gay Guys! <3

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Hey you sexy beasts! :P
I've seen the banter going on with that scammer I quietly followed the discussion, kept me amused lol.
Now, who here has ever watched Code Lyoko?
Code Lyoko is not an anime it is a French Cartoon, it follows the life of 4 school children who stumble upon a virtual world called Lyoko, on the virtual world they discover a young girl called Aileta, however, there is also a virus called XANA (Pronounce Zana)
The 4 young children are called Ulrich Stern, Yumi Ishyama, Odd Delorobia and Jeremy Belpuar.
Ulrich and Yumi have a constant secret love for each other through the entire 4 series, along with Jeremy and Alieta.
XANA has to deactivate these Towers on Lyoko through which he can then launch attacks on earth, which is mainly trying to ethier kill the 4 school kids or cause a mass destruction upon the planet, however, Odd, Ulrich and Yumi are able to use Scanners to transport themselves into Lyoko, Jeremy stays in the factory to help them transport to Lyoko.
Alieta is the only one who can stop the Tower hence stopping XANA's current plan.
Another girl called Elizabeth nickname Sissi also has a long lust for Ulrich, however Ulrich does not like her in the least!
On Lyoko XANA uses his monsters to try and devirtualise Odd, Ulrich and/or Yumi, if that happens they end up back on earth and cannot be sent back to Lyoko for a while, however, in Series 1 and 2 if Alieta is devertualised she is lost forever.
Lyoko is split into 5 sectors, Forest Sector, Mountain Sector, Desert Sector, Ice Sector and Sector 5 (sector 5 is discovered in the 2nd series) Sector 5 is where XANA lives and they are able to collect data from XANA and learn more about him!
Each series also seems to have s big plot which comes to climax at the end of that series.
Series 1 - Jeremy tries to bring Alieta to Earth.
Series 2 - XANA tries to steal Alieta's memory using one of his monsters called Sciphazoa.
Series 3 - XANA tries to destroy Lyoko.
Series 4 - Jeremy creates a XANA anti-virus to destroy XANA.

Now I'm writing an essay here there is so much more to Code Lyoko, but that's the basics, I was wondering if anyone else on here ever watched so I'm able to chat about it and stuff lol, I would just love more friends who watched Code Lyoko XD

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