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Tempeture outside has fallen
The sun shines with the cold
And the the flowers ask
Has anyone called

Looking up they see the clouds
And bowing their heads in sorrow
The question rings out
Has anyone called

The clouds cry in moment
And as their thears fall
The flowers weep in question
Has anyone called

Suddenly the tears stop
And the Clouds divide
And a voice came from the Sun
I heard your call

It was not the call
For I could not ignore it
It was your heart
I hope you feel my warmth now.

( If you stand by the river you have seen the start of the Ocean)


Very nice Keith


Yes i thought that it was
vary well thought out.
well done, lol


cant understand why you uses lol in your comment Tommy. Poetry isint a joke. Its an emotional statement from ones heart and mind to give option to the reader. Not impressed


i am sorry for any misundersting`s
what i might of Coused by my lol.

Lol = to, lots of love, and it is just
my way of showing my apereshation.

Once again i want to say sorry,if
i have affended you .
lol = ( Lot`s of love ).


forgiven Tommy. Just so you know the abrviation of lol translates as (laugh out loud) ignorence and innocence came from both sides. Appology also asked from my side. Thanks for explaination. x


Thank you Keith,for putting me,Right.
I can now understand why you would
of been,so Affended.
I think that i would have been too.
lol = ( Lot`s of love ).