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Two nights ago I happened upon an accident where the driver was intoxicated and luckily survived, I had to help, call 911, speak with the sheriff and may have to return for court in a few months (I live about 5ish hours away).

Tomorrow Mel Sr. goes in for life saving cancer surgery on his jaw, face and lips. This will be the end of his singing and guitar playing days and right now he has 4 children who are having nightmares of losing their father because he hasn't told them how serious this is. His girlfriend of the past 14 years will be lost without him and the mother of said kids is still very close friends with him.

I'm trying to be glue, but I find myself fighting off seizures and I can't be doing this right now...too many people are depending on me to be the strong one in all of this.


Tonia my prayers are with you and I am asking God to help you through this...


tonia just do what you can, our wishes are with all of you at this time,
Hugs & Kisses my love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


My prayers are with you, too, Tonia.


And me too,Tonia.
I will also thinking
about you too.