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I'm back! - Gay Guys! <3

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In he comes like a whirlwind!
I'm back guys! Feeling WAY better and happier than I've been for a long time, Jesus, I can't believe the things that's happened lately, it's like unreal the things that have happened, lets start from the top.
The guy I was dating Michael, well he moved to Canada not too long ago, very emotional time saying goodbye, he gave me a little letter with a few words on, we both said goodbye, there were tears in his eyes I could see them, I said goodbye smiling but left the airport crying (that rhymes! I'm a poet and didn't even know it, I can make a rhyme any time!) on the letter it said:
'Yes I maybe leaving for Canada but I wish the best.
May the road rise up to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
May the rain fall soft upon your fields
And until we meet again,
May you always be happy even if that's without me,
I love you!'
Very sweet I thought, but there's something he didn't tell me, before he left he found out something about my ex (do you guys remember the ex who put me in the dark place? I'm talking about him) the thing he found was my ex still has strong feelings for me even tho he broke up with me and Mikey (guy who left for Canada) set me up on a blind date with him last week, and me and my ex started dating for a while after Mikey left and boom, I'm in a new relationship with me ex, lol, don't judge me!
But yeah, that's what I meant by things moving like whirlwind!
So yeah back with my ex, his second and last chance :P

Now, that I've settled that, there's the little case of some ignorant people not knowing where Wales is on the map... Wales is at the edge of the United Kingdom (UK) we're not so big, we're little (We're also the Grandslam Champions 2012) we have our own culture, our own nationality, our Government, we even have our own language (Which I am fluent in)
Now it drives me bonkers when people mistake Wales for England, if that carries on I'm going to start speaking Welsh until you get the idea!
Be warned

So yeah wrapping this up, I'm back, I'm happy, and I'm stronger than ever before! BOOM!
What have I missed?


It is nice to see you back Richard,
I am also glad that thing`s are working
out for you too, lol


Yep, welcome bak, Richard. Lovely Note ur Mikey wrote, and well done in the Rugby.


Richard, you return like a new bright star in the night sky - radiant with re-fuelled energy. So glad your time with Mikey worked out well and that you had a parting that leaves you aglow with happy thoughts. So enjoyed watching Wales gain the Grand Slam and England restore their character and confidence......ready for a real contest with Wales next year !!!!


Glad you are doing better Chud. Who knows being with the EX might work out this time. One piece of advice: GO SLOW.
Thanks on behalf of many of us on the WALES education. Those of us in the US unfortunately are not too well up on places in the UK and Europe etc. I am glad you are holding so strongly to your heritage and language. Be proud of it. Its one of the few things that can never be taken from you because it is a part of you.


Welcome back Richard, good luck with your relationship xx


Hey hey hey the man is bak, mabe we shud all take a leaf outta ur book and assess ourselves from time to time. The best thing about rekindling a relationship is u dnt have to really discover who you both are and wot u can improve on is any easy task. Welcome bak Richard missed u loads xx


Glad U R back with your ex Chud, you must be real happy again. You do sound it the way you write



Glad Rich that you are back and happy to hear you are doing better...


Welcome back Richard,great to see things are better hope it all works for you


It's great to see you back on here! You are an integral part of this site!


yeahhhhhhhhhhh, welcome back mate. Missed you. Glad ur happy again.


Yes, so am I. It's good to see you happy!


Me too and I am happy as a sand bird, thanks to a special friend on here xx


Hi Garry how you doing xxx


Welcome back Garry how r u?