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my name is Dezy nd im a lesbian, im new to being a christian and im very confused. a lot of people that i kno are fine with me being myself but a lot of people who go to my church are against it. My pastor told me he wouldn't baptize me because i am a lesbian, and its not acceptable. does anyone have advice for me?


Maybe you should try a different denomination. The United Church of Christ (not to be confused with the Church of Christ, which is VERY different) is very queer-affirming. So are the Unitarian Universalists. I'm joining the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, which is queer-friendly. Hope that helps.


We have wealth of help and assistance if you check the title topics of discussions here and look for the title topic that are most near to the information you are seeking. I put a lot in there so maybe you can check with my name also.
until then here is a youtbe video to cheer you up and give you some support:
What Homosexuality Is Not:


IT GETS BETTER - singer/songwriter Jake Walden -

Be you...it's worth it...(The Trevor Project) - Jake Walden -

NOH8 Campaign speaks out to say, "It Gets Better"

You are in my prayers, Check for Gay & lesbian Youth services, in your area

I see you are in Seattle, WA so let me help a little -k?

gay and lesbian youth services in Seattle, WA




I hope the above will be of assitance to you.

I can give you wings, but you must learn how to be brave and fly all on your own, you can do it, I believe in you.

I believe in you celine dion il divo (Youtube)

Bare with the French introduction: It's worth it.


Your humble brother in Christ Anthony of Portsmouth++++++++++++++

God loves you so much!


Definitely find a different church My partner and I attend The Gathering Place Worship Center in Austin Tx All are welcome and accepted u can look ay our website GPWCaustin.org There are many churches better suited to accept you Remember Jesus died for us all not just a chosen few


thank you both Travis and Andre. I'm from Seattle but i now live in St. Robert Missouri. i will look at the different conversations on here to see if some of the conversations will help. I really appreciate both of your help.


Try looking for a M.C.C. church. They are gay friendy and we also accept str8 in our church. Ihave been a member for 10 years and love all the things we do for the community. Check the net under Metropolitan community church..

Hope this helps and you have lots of friends on here to talk too...


I recently "officiaally" joined our local MCC. I had gone off and on 4 years. Hope you find a churcha home!


You are welcome, it is who we are and what we do, is care about each and every one of you.


i don't have a lot of friends who i can confide in so its a really big help knowing that someone out there cares enough to help.


D we are all here for you anytime....


I go to a spiritualist church (http://www.ourcelebration.org/) i was concerned that it was not exactly Christian but I'm happy there. It is very positive!


@Deserea. there are MCC churches in Missouri. I go to one in Kansas City where people support our lgbt people. I haave become such an introvert so I have to make myself be more expressive and connect with others.

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