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I'm a M2F tranny and am 1 year into my transition.Started hormones in Jan 2012 and planning on surgery.Where I live there are no girls like me (that I know of) so it gets pretty lonely not having anyone that can relate to me and my life.I'm looking to make new friends from all over and all walks of life.Glad to be here and hope to have many conversations with you all.


hi...welcome to the site Avaleene...my name's Jony...i hope you make many friends as i have on here...conversations here can get very interesting...feel free to look at any interesting topics and start jumping in...or if you have any thoughts that you just wanna share...go right on ahead...enjoy the site...i hope you find it as fun as i do...


Welcome Avaleene

I'm so glad you found our room! I hope you do jump in to the convos and make a bunch of friends. If you have any questions or concerns or just need to chat, just send me a message.


Hey hey! Good to have you here I know exactly what you mean, there aren't enough M2Fs around, I'm one too, been on hormones since January 2011 and I've not met another M2F in person either, met a couple on line but it's kind of hard to go clubbing over the internet lol.


hi all


Hi Ruth.Welcome and always remember to be yourself.That's what makes you the happiest!


My name is Tommy.
and i just wanna say,it is
vary nice to meet you all.
Now you are apart of our
Community,you are now
amunsk friend`s and there
will be no need for you too feel
Lonely,and isolated
ever again. lol.



Welcome all to the group and have fun...We are all here to help and be friends on here...


Welcome Avaleene! I hope you enjoy the site!


Welcome better late than never big ol welcome hug ! I'm here if you need to talk