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Bit of a random group here, but have you ever met anyone here on gays, that you've maybe had too think maybe more than twice about? This site is alike other social networking sites, so can you notice when people are fully truthful / recognise when having a laugh / wring a story, along with some other members who you may want too be cautious of, for example being lead astray, believing something that you hadn't before or well partly being made into someone who you are not. Any questions / quires / hints / tips are very welcome here in this group. Please feel free to write anything along the subject lines, all points / remarks etc very welcome.


Hi,there,Kate, You know me,and alot of my View`s on one or two thing`s Give me a bit of time Kate, and i will be putting in some,input. lol


Hey Kate,
I mey my current partner on this site and we are living together and doing very well I must say! :0) We were cautious at first and then met in person and started dating and now of course we are together and happy.I have had some people posing as a woman lookinf for friendship but they always want my personal email to talk instead of on here.That was a huge red flag for me and told them to buzz off and also reported each one to admin and spread the word through all the groups I am part of that there was a creep lurking.Ask Tonia,I have spread the word a few tiAnyway,all I can say is be cautious and never give out persianl info unless you are 100% sure and goodluck.
And yes I agree this is a bit of a random group and could be interesting!


I've made a REALLY GREAT friendship with another guy on this site. My tips would be the same as out there in the big wide world.....keep your antennae out and operating, follow your instincts and listen to your heart. I also think the levels of mutual honesty on this site help speed up the process of 'natural selection'!! The big issue, I reckon, is about when and how to transfer the online friendship into a face to face friendship - u've got to wait for both to be ready and comfortable with it.


I've been on this site for over a year and you're right, there are plenty out there who try to deceive you in some way, they've tried it with me many times. Not to say that the majority aren't trustworthy, genuine people. They're fairly easy to spot though, I've noticed that some will launch the very first conversation they have with lewd and crude sexual banter, essentially making whores of themselves. Some will over compliment you (the "too kind" people) and everything you say. Other will make a distinct point of giving you their email addresses or phone numbers. I think watching out for these is a reasonable way of keeping the undesirables out of your gays.com life because scammers will not have time or the desire to play the long con as it were, still it's a judgement call.

As for turning an online friendship into a real life one, it's always going to take a measure of trust and some risk. I like to keep them at arms length for quite a while before I meet them in person, gain some rapport with them. I know it all sounds a little too cautious but if you get it wrong it could cost you a lot, emotionally, financially and perhaps physically.

I hope this helps


The las from Ireland was fake made by the guy I was 'in a relationship' with here on gays which he pressurised me into and I told him where the exit is - start walking and don't turn back. Hence why I thought a discussion on tips on how too notice the undesirables here on gays. Hope you're well any way, and thank you everyone for commenting on this discussion, think best to keep this discussion open, maybe too help others etc. Thanks all


Am very pleased for each and every one of you who have met some great friends / maybe the one here. SWEET :-D


Many thanks to all of us participating / taking part in these groups aswell too the degree that these don't necessarily need monitoring

Yes I did report this certain person and all has been sorted out there now, so no worries Thanks Allan