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Hi! I'm Luis, well let's see .. I'm 24, bi... I have a doggie named tinx (have a pic of her on my page if you want to see her)... I'm addicted to skittles ....I'm a clown,I'm nice.. good boy principles, i say stupid shit to get a laugh... I cant stand sad people i try my best to make them smile ... I want to kiss someone under the rain (I love rain)...my lips have only kissed 3 other set of lips (Im a romantic)....I love long hot showers.... I like to sing my heart out....I love Hawaiian pizza ..... I like to draw .... I like blasting music...I listen .... I only try to be me because I'm very good at it !

Your turn!


Luis, I love clowns. I like being positive although I do get upset and in bad moods every ompnce in a while. I try not to let myself get down. I survived serious illnesses (HIV and leukemia) because I would not give up. Ok your turn, whoever...


All what i wanna say is that the two of you,are my type of peaple.
Me,well,all what i am,is a vary uncomplecated Guy,who Likes
all types of Peaple,what ever the Gender. lol.

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