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First off if you really want something you have to work hard to make it happen . If you don't like where you live move. I've been on my own since I was 17 so its possible ..if you want to attract people change your attitude.. you single handedly repelled people that were kind enough to aproach you with info that might of been useful.. but all they got in return was a slap to the face ... I know its frustrating but let go don't think too hard into it and when you least expect it... Your stomach will fill with butterflies and you will be happy... So just calm down let frustrations go and work to place yourself in the path of what you want your future to be ..... I may sound like an ass to you but you needed this you can take this two ways hate me or contemplate what I just said .. I just hope you don't take the easy path if you do feel free to inbox me all your insults the rest don't need to see them.