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am i too young to u????? - Gay Guys! <3

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what the fuck ,why people don't want be my bf , even refuse to have sex with me . .the last bf ,, well , he is not exact boyfriend to me , because he think i am too young ! i am 18 ,and he is 25 . i only can kiss him .. it's not fair !!! i don't think it's wrong .. what the hall are u worried about !!! i just wanna be loved , u are a coward! maybe these guys are really don't like me .


you are not too young to me, but you live too far away:-(


That's true i'm 23 and had before bf and he was 17.
It's not up the age he is older or younger than u.
Maybe he wasn't for u.


Hey Sebastian, I feel sorry that you feel that way in your anger, as in being a younger person we are all sensetive about many issues. Please do not take it to heart when someone your own age or an old person rejects you.
Please not be angry or sad. Maybe feel a little disappointed in that person but let it help you to grow stronger as a gay man, for you have better to have loved and lost than not loved at all.

The other person may have many issues and feeling that they have to work on in the life and many times it is not yourself that is the issue. It is there own mind set about feeling comfortable with thier own issuses and sexuallity.

You are probably more advance in your own sexuality than the will ever be. Greive for the loss Sebastian and move yourself forward as an individual and let every day be a good one for you ;-)


Well Sebastian, the same thing happens to me, after many episodes similar to your, I got myself in reflection, and I realize that, these people who refuse in a certain way, not wanting to have sex, or have something more like boyfriend actually they do not love you.

They're just enjoying the moment and do not want anything serious, but may have been other reasons too, but Sebastian can be sure they dont loved you, because when someone loves you, he is able to do anything for you, do not feel ashamed to be with you, not ashamed to laugh with you, not ashamed to love.

But these things happen, it is important that you look with a different point of view, and bring all these episodes as an experience and a lesson to you, it sure, will help you realize quickly that the people really want to be with you .

But the coolest thing is when you love yourself, do not say being snobbish, but have a different love, in an unconditional love about you.

This will make you stronger, and show people that you are happy and enjoy yourself, you will see after that will appear right guy for you.


Sebastian Bai, just becuse your young dont mean a thing its more about the person 2 people need to be compatiable togeather. be glad he did not lead you on with sex but had the respect for you not to and make you think he loved you whan he did not. iam shue you will find the right guy it takes time and whan you do it will be special.we all want to be loved in life, i find it one of the gratest gifts we have is to love and be loved dont be angery over this keep a more happy apperance and iam shue it will come ( cuz i know i never want to date a guy whos awleys in a pissed off type of mood now matter how cute he is)


It is a shame that i Live in the UK, lol.


Did you think you more focused on sex and for love it might be a turn off for some that a person is just looking for sex



You are no way too young my friend......