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What do you do if your family hates gays and you are gay? Cos that whats going on here


Tolerate it until someone right comes into your life. That's what I am doing now; nope no luck on the "someone right" front. But I am Asian born and bred, so it is different for me.

You may want to try to bring them around slowly. I have tried it, talking to my mum about gender as a social construct, and how society expects people to love the opposite gender as part of a whole list of characteristics of their assigned gender (usually at birth according to biological sex, as we know it).

Went on to say that sometimes the binary of man/woman, heterosexual/homosexual ain't going to cut it for some of us; humans and their feelings and desires aren't meant to be compartmentalised so easily.

And even if you do insist on classifying them, what is there to hate? Because whether you are straight, gay, bi, pan ... and all the other colours of the queer rainbow, you don't fall in love with purely the gender/biological sex - I am pretty damn sure you fall for the person herself.

Of course I didn't make it that far with my mum, but I got all the way to the end of the paragraph before the last. She seemed pensive, but I cannot be sure. Asian parents don't usually volunteer their opinions unless they deem it necessary. Their poker faces are the best. Or maybe it is just my mum, haha.

All the best alright? Sometimes dissecting the issue carefully without emotion clouding your thoughts can help..


Sorry, but just something you have too tolerate, my family hate gays and hate bisexuals even more, so I learnt too cope / deal with it / tolerate it. You'll find a way, it will get easier. Feel free to discuss this here on gays, or message me sometime if you'd like too chat. :-)

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