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what do you do?. - Lesbian Ladies

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What do you do if your family hates gays and you are gay? Cos that whats going on here


the only thing u can do... ""move out""
well if ur family don't know yet. don't tell them....!! they might kick u out of the house..!! if u want to tell them. Tell them when u got money to move out to start a new life with ur partner.!!


I am gay believe it or not hehe but i will not tell my grandparents until i have found a gf i am serious about. My cousin cathrine told them she was gay an they went into denial say it was a phase an it wont stick, its obvious it will. but my advise is wait, wait until you have a gf you really care about an who makes you happy an tell them then if the still hate you for being happy an gay then seriously think about moving. I know its hard! its your family i love my grandparent but im not willing to hurt myself by telling them before i have to! im sorry your going through this its sucks when family dont understand


ya i have to get a job and get out and no they dont know and wont know tell i move out.