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Ontario Canada, - Looking for LOVE!!!

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Hello, Im new to this website. Im looking for anyone who lives in Ontario. Im haveing a hard time with accepting who I am . Ive had this problem for as long as I can remember all my friends say it cant be that hard caues there bu too and they know how I feel. But I really dont think they do. All I want is a friend to talk to. I would love to find that right person for me.The guy that makes me have butterflys but I dont think thats possiable. Anyway I want to keep this sort. So if you Live in Ontario. Please add me or message me. If you dont even live in Ontario Canada and wanna chat I have no problem with that at all either . I just really want someone to talk to. My lifes makeing a turn for the worse.


How often to you fly into Gays.com, Brandon? Do you use Windows Live Messenger? Yahoo Messenger? I use both. I live in Ontario. Want to chat? You did mention you wanted a friend to talk to. Send me a message with some info and lets chat!


hey Brandon, I know exactly how u feel! i have the same feeling but i'm sure you will found one! but the problem is you have to wait, and I know it's realy hard, cuz I have waiting 2! but u can make ur self busy!!!! th same thing that i do!!! but I would love to talk to or have any qustion! just feel free to ask or talk to me if u want u can add me on facebook, or on yahoo massenger!