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breaking down - Your WRITES

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im breaking down into the groud
losing grip of my sound
im all alone but she says im not
my mind is tied in knots.
plz help me as im losin my mind
everything is happening all at the same time
how do i stay positive wen thers so much negitive

im here in my flat with a mind set of crap.
anxiety fills my inner self
messin up my fucked up health

im tryin to be happy at the moment
i dont mean to be like this
plz someone give me a hug or kiss
i miss me being cool and not the fool

wanting to drown my sorrow in a bottle
but have no money just a water bottle.

being skint is fucking hard
my inner being is tormented and scared.

i need peace in myself
need to be with someone else.
i would love to have friends where i live
i would give
any thing for a simple wish
i would wish for me to believe im worth it
i wud wish for me to be with someone who isnt perfect i love ppl so much
but do they love me back
i have no job no prospect just a massive loud gob

i wish for ppl to be smiling
i wish i cud smile without it being fake
for goodness sake get a grip amber
im here and all im doing is one long shake


To :
Dear Amber ,

hell .. How much miseries you must be having when you're writing this .. n I hope you're okay Sweetie .. You know Amber ? m sure you ain't the only one who wanted a simple wish , well me too If m given a simple wish , I would give anything.. But you still have LOVE Amber .. Where ? (It is all kept deepest in your heart) In everyone(s) hearts .. Even If you love the person much , you can't expect they love you back Amber. Love comes naturally from the heart where you plant the feelings Sweetie. So when the feelings grow , that's where LOVE grows too. N when you nurture with lots of care n love , the flower buds blossoms , n then you will soon realise .. There is LOVE )

A smile is just like a concern , that doesn't need you to fake It .. N you don't have to fake It , coz It's drawn on your paintings or I shall say there's a smile already drawn on your face Sweetie. N m sure all of your friends saw that smile It all comes from the depth of your heart.

Follow your heart Amber. M sure your heart loves you loads ..

So what If you don't have a job ? That doesn't mean we can't be friends .. Isn't It ?

Well you see that ? You have a talent here Amber. You write so well .. Cheers to your talent *wink*

Commented By : Ella :P heehee ..


I can relate to the feelings in this poem. Well said. Just remember Love comes from within first (I am still learning this). Hugs!