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Ok soo umm.. not sure how to start this haha

I'm 17 going on 18 and I've not really had much luck in finding a girlfriend I've only recently came out the closet to some of my friends and my family. I was just wondering if anyone had any pointers to help me. I feel pretty isolated were I live because I don't really know anyone who's gay (asides the first ex gf I ever had) so I don't really have anyone to look to for advise or anyone to look up to for pointers. so my question to you everyone is how do I find more women who are gay? is there any places In Scotland that are good to go for meet and greets for under 18's? If I do meet a girl how would I know she's gay (just so I don't sort of go round chatting up strait women by accident and getting slapped for it hehe)



depending on where u live but the experionse I've had with hitting on striaght women, they've took it as a complement. as for finding a gf so far here has made the best results. sorry I don't know more.


lonely am willing to be your friend if you dont mind.