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Tough Decisions: "The Road We've Traveled" Teaser - Obama for America 2012 - The Gay Christian Network

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As Christian gays, we can not afford the luxury about being complacent about the political process as though it were a die roll and hope we come out on top.

We must make sure that the rights we have won, are not undone, the repeal of DADT and so many more things this president has done to make the American dream not a reality for some, but for all, including us.

I was awesome when President Obama made his acceptance speech, it was the 1st time I heard a "President-elect", mention gay people!

I think it may be prudent to remember that speech, in the mist of all the lies, smokes and mirrors, what we did, how far we have come, and we know that we must continue to hold that light of hope for everyone, as the Angel said the shepherds "Do not be afraid: Peace be unto you and all men of good will!"

Barack Obama Speech President Elect Acceptance Speech 2008 Part 1

Barack Obama Speech President Elect Acceptance Speech 2008 Part 2

We can not allow the haters, bigots, and hypocrites, turn back the tide of the progress made, for the 99%. This is a time where people have got to stop saying, that their NOT interested in politics, then complain that this country 'sucks'!

I met one of my neighbors in the laundry room and ask him if he thought we should get new washers, (The front loader kind, that cleans more, better, uses less resources) He responded accordingly. He stated 'What's the use? they do not listen to me anyway!' And I thought, if he really believes that, then it IS true for him.

I on the other hand, am another story.

I do not like confrontations, drama or as my Physic Doctor Stated, that he believes that "I like stirring up S__T!" I was stunned! and it took me sometime to recover, and when I did this was my response: I do not LIKE stirring up s__t. It appears to me that on the road of life, there is s__t everywhere, and sometimes, stepping in it is totally unavoidable. But someone has to say, enough is enough and it's time to clean this up! (The Man from Bounty is never around when you need him, nor for that fact is Mr Clean!) (That's two I can cross off my marriage list!) : D

I have been here 8-9 years. I have made them change the rules to accept and make them get off their butts and stop saying no to making a reasonable accommodation(s) for those of us who are disabled.
For some it was a Service or companion animal. (That was 6 mths of legal and gut wrenching work, Thank you Gregory B. Koltun, esq. from the Law firm of Morrison & Foerster. Who stood by me and with me through those untested waters. When a tenet, stands up to a HUD company (section 8) and refuses to be a mindless zombie, who runs when they bark! I have seen them harass people out of my building with stressing them out so much that the person left, their apartment, because for them, it was mentally easier to live on the streets, then to be treated in inhumanely.

We got air conditioners because we are older, live downtown, where the air is unhealthy, and in the building that we are in, is like a oven, which is not a good thing for older folk who are taking a lot of medications, I had to fight for that, and may still have to.

Someone was stealing tenets mails which included mine (Medications in the amount of $2,650. and some odd cents) HIV/AIDS medications cost a lot as well as the others. So I fought for us to get (Which we are/were entitled to under California landlord / tenet laws, that residential tenets living in a residential hotel are in fact legal tenets and are entitled to individual locked mail receptacles.

We got the mail boxes thanks to the legal help of
HALSA is one of the nation's leading public health legal service providers supporting low-income persons living with HIV/AIDS. Through legal representation, advocacy, and community education, HALSA protects rights, ensures dignity and improves health in a number of ways:

We help clients fight HIV discrimination in work, housing, schools and health care.
We assist clients with public benefits and insurance issues to ensure access to life-saving medical care.
We provide immigration assistance vital to securing employment and health insurance.
We help resolve tax problems and provide for future planning, such as the creation of wills, health directives and child guardianships.
We advocate for fair laws and policy that improve health care access, ensure privacy, and strengthen protections against HIV discrimination.
We provide HIV-specific legal education and support to public interest organizations, government agencies, nonprofit health clinics and others serving people living with HIV/AIDS.
HALSA is the primary provider of legal services for the estimated 100,000 people living with HIV in Southern California. We offer free counseling and legal assistance to low-income individuals who cannot afford an attorney. For those who do not meet our income guidelines, we also have a Lawyer Referral Service that provides quality referrals to lawyers that may offer reduced-fee legal assistance.

Thank you Mr Deboe and Brad.
Now back to the upcoming election, we must continue to stand up be counted and vote and donate if we can. For if we do not, then it will be a snowball effect, going back to the days when the Church set the rules and anyone who dared disobey, was a "Heretic!'

I just signed up to see the new film on President Obama's first term and the tough calls he made to get our country back on track. It's called The Road We've Traveled, and it's being released on Thursday, March 15th.

You should sign up to be one of the first to see it, too:


Then tell your other friends. Let's make sure everyone we know sees this film and hears about the progress we've made under President Obama.


Anthony of Portsmouth+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Sat., March 17th, 12, 18:00 Hrs. M.D.T.
Hi Group.

Interesting Remarks. I CAN"T Vote as I'm NOT Amcn. I'm Not Sure Who Will Win the Amcn Republican Nomination, but If Its Sanitorum, if Your Gay, Your in Deep Trouble as There Will B Lots of People Who Will Love to Get Rid of Progress Made
so Far in Terms of "Gay Rights" Removal of "D.A.D.T." the Right to Get Married in Various States - 8 so Far. Removal of Health Care, Plus Other Benefits.
Better to have Obama, then a Right Wing Republican Govmnt. For Amcn Gays,
You Had Better Hope the Wrong People DON"T Get into Power. NOW is the time to Go and GET OUT the VOTES from the 18 to 30 Crowd Across All Stripes so the Demecrats WIN and Its NOT the Right Wing Republicans.
Just My Views from a Cdn View Point.


Be careful who you vote for because as Obama is talking about being for Gay rights and gay marriage he is steadily signing bills to take our rights away it was signed and is in effect it is now limited where we can hold peaceful protests that is just one very IMPORTANT CONSTITUTIONAL right whats next? Dare I say?

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