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One o' them days - Gay Guys! <3

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I had to work today from ten to nine. It happens quite often on Wednesdays that I work so much, but I do not like it. I have to call somebody about a potential job offer tomorrow. I have been pushing it off for a week now, but I really cannot stand my job.

Spoke with my sister for the first time in ages today, though, and we discussed the future of my novel. When I talk about it, it feels like I am moving toward something good, so I got something very positive from the conversation.

I found out this morning that an arch nemisis of mine croaked. I am shamelessly elated by that, but i am tired from the work and need to write, and it is so late. Yipes.


Hi Jack
We all get days like that but its even worse when you dont like the job

they say with good comes bad so hearing about your nemis you have to work late .....lol

Dont know what sort of things you write but good luck with the novel.Get yourself a good agent aswell.My Wifes cousin wrote 2 books and got ripped off by publishers




Working on a project I call an autobiographical fantasy novel. I have been working on it for years, and I am very delighted that I am at this stage now.


Good luck to you! I'm sure you'll do well!


Yes i wish you Luck on all Front`s. lol.

But what ever you do,Dont let the Job what you hate,Grind You Down, lol


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