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Back - Gay Guys! <3

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Been a long time. I finally got a job, though I am currently looking for a change. I have an apartment for 600 a month and am living the good life more or less. Writing, writing, writing. I don't have Internet in my apartment, but from time to time--like tonight--God smiles upon me and gives me the ability to use a wifi connection so I can see all your shining faces. Peace, friends.


Pleased to see that you are back on you feet,
May it continue. lol.


Hi Jack and welcome back...I hope that you will be able to be on more and please let us know how your writting is going....Also happy that you got your own place...


I am working on an autobiographical fantasy novel. I have at present 177,000 words and am trying to publish what I have as an independent novel though I am still only a fraction of the way through the story. 177,000 words is quite a lot. I just got a rejection letter from a publisher this week, so it is time for agent hunting. In the meantime, my sister is trying to contact a professional editor she knows here in New York who said he would be willing to help me. Time for patience, but I loathe patience. I really loathe it.