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David Pakman is a awesome, honest person whom we can listen to. - The Gay Christian Network

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The David Pakman Show
you can check him out on YouTube and I hope you'll agree with me that he is a breath of fresh air in the media for honesty, openness, integrity, down to earth, real, (not to mention that he and his talk show co host are easy on the eyes!)
I can only hope that people are listening and learning about themselves, in their relationship with others, state, society, and church.
Let me know what you think-K?
Luv ya

The David Pakman show on You Tube:
Subject: Epic Anti-Gay Moments Highlight Reel...the Worst of the Worst



I checked him out and I agree...


Thank you so much. It isn't that I want to score brownie points with anyone or this site, however that being said we need all the positive reinforcement and affirmations, especially, our young people.
In this case Mr Pakman, gives them enough rope, so that listeners can understand how false and pathetic, their unfounded fears and hates are about the GLBTQ community. I've always said:"That accepting, someone in your family who is GLTBQ, is a better "family value", then hating them and kicking to out."
"Love is unconditional, love has no gender" This does not extend to being abused. If you are being abused, by anyone, family, lover, boyfriend, get help!
Before the age of "911" and cell phones, my lover tried to mow me over with his car! We are talking about 4 or 5 blocks in Hollywood. I was mistaking. I thought if I could just love him enough, things would change, they didn't, they got worse.
So the 1ST rule of Love is to love yourselves. Respect yourself, enough to get help, seek protection and move on with your life. Life is too short for being abused. Sorry about the rant I am glad Timothy, that you liked him and may even listen to him more. I think his logo is kinda funny which is dp, but if you turn it around, it turns into 69! Love ya all Peace.

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