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Murder on the dancefloor - Poetry Group

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The night is young and so are we,
spotlights sparkle, the alcohol's free
His eyes, they smile with seeming warmth
But lights play tricks we cannot see.

The bottle's full, the bottle's halved, now where could the bottle be?
Who are you, who is she? I really think I need to pee.
Fabricated friendships wrapped the table
But I still had him, which held me stable.

He pulls me up, he walks me down, the sound so loud I almost drown.
The sea of men, currents, tidal-flow. The rhythm commands, it never slowed.
He held my hand, The grind, the heat.
Song of sirens, slaves to the beat.

I leave to relieve my bladder's call.
I came back to feel my heart just fall.
Upon the stage, on the farside wall.
in the arms of another guy, He stood so tall.

Scenes of our date flashed through my mind.
I sincerely thought it was different this time.
Silent murder, the dance floor claims
The killer clueless, the victim remains

"That's what happens with the new gays" they say
"They're exploring, they go their own way."
I smile and nod and give a sigh.
Show them I'm strong. Did not just die.

The problem with a peaceful expression,
is that it's sometimes just a dead man's lie.


Vary,Vary,good Royce.
I can identify with your Peace vary much.

Vary well done,


I completely love this. it's honest, and visceral

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