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For the good of myself and everyone on here... - Gay Guys! <3

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I'm leaving for a while.
I exploded on a previous discussion just because someone mixed up England and Wales, yes that does grab my shit backwards but I shouldn't of exploded like that, some people failed Geography (I joke!!)
I guess coming on a site feeling the way I do isn't a good thing, I don't know when I'll come back but I will be back so my account will stay open, I need time to feel better about all this.
You can leave abusive comments if you like but if you have some balls you'll realise that I won't be able to destroy you until I come back
I'm trying to keep this post happy and as bubbly as I can even though I'm feeling rotten.
Guys I'll let you know when I'm back... But for now, goodbye, thank you.


You take all the time u need Richard i no what ur going thruogh im boyfriend died when we were 15 and i went off the rails so if u ever need to talk im here
good luck and takecare


Sorry to see you go.
You will be missed by me and every one.
Will see you when you get back.


Sorry 2 see u leave Richard, But Ur Health Is Ur Wealth. So take care and See Ya when ur back, oh yeh some people get Ireland mixed up with the UK, but i just let it go, even though it boil's my Shite 2 LOL.


Just as i was getting to know u Richard, things have made it impossible for you not just the locale spat but other personal issues. I hope time and love will help u in resolving the problems. Also i await with baited breath ur spectatular return ur one in a million love u bud xx


Richard......hoping the Wales rugby result has given you something to make you feel better, I send my warmest thoughts to you and hope to see you back just as soon as you feel ready. My very best to you......David x


well richard, you will do what you want, but it is a mistake, because on here, at least you can chat with friends, and not feel so rotten with yourself,, as for the problems with stress, you get that sorted, and all on here will be waiting to hear from you in the near future.
Remember you can email me if you wish to talk privately.
Good Luck Richard.


Take time out man. We'll mis syou.


i wish you would stay cause your a good friend sweety