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Ruining A Child's Innocent Mouth - Gay Guys! <3

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oh my...well it's been recent that Luna has been saying a bad word in spanish...i mean sure she's repeated son of a bitch from a movie once...but she didn't hang on to it...but it seems that she's been saying this spanish bad word for a bit now...which has to obviously stop...and seeing as she's getting it from us...it's like damn it...now we gotta stop with the bad vocabulary...and it's so hard...we're used to swearing in both spanish and english almost all the time...now we all have to go back to being kids that aren't allowed to swear...lol...i can't believe it...haha...


i will watch what i say on here for now on Babo


thank you


in todays world, swearing in whatever language is now slang , and we all use it, and remember its also an emotional release for some, as the saying goes "boys dont cry" , no they generally swear instead, or use the god word, and as for men not crying, thats untrue as well, for some do.


Yes,i think that we all have a good Cry at time`s.
I know that i do. And think that some time`s it dause you a world of good,and
there is no shame what so ever in having a dam good Cry. lol.

Coming back to the Swearing. Luna at her age at the moment,is just like a
human Vacum Cleaner,in the respect of mopping up. every scrap of Knowledge she can,what ever it might be. The thing is,she will be listerning to your every
word,even when you think that she is not listerning to you.
You won`t stop her, but at least,try and be exstra carful in what you ,when she
is any whare near you and your Mom, lol.


yea we're all gonna try...every time someone says something one of us say something...we say watch your mouth...hopefully she'll catch onto that...it'll be kinda funny hearing her saying we should watch our mouths...lol...but it's better than hearing her swear...


Yes,i agree with you Jony.
Yes it will be a 100 times better than Swearing,every time. lol.